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French Teachers and Students Immersed in the Beauty of Jinan on a Spring Day

"Winning Hearts": Jinan Wonderland Attracts International Friends

Celebrates the May Day Holiday in Jinan: International Friends Immerse Themselves in Song Dynasty Life Through Poetry by Li Qingzhao

Recently, the "Celebrates the May Day Holiday in Jinan: Lianyun Qingshao - a series of events" was held in the Mingshui Ancient Town in Zhangqiu District, Jinan. Eleven foreign friends from countries including Russia, the Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Liberia, Vietnam, Morocco, Mongolia, Yemen, and South Sudan visited the birthplace of Li Qingzhao to immerse themselves in the Song Dynasty life depicted in her poetry amidst the beauty of the ancient town in spring.

Jinan Delegation Meets Guests from French Alstom Group

Jinan Foreign Language School Welcomes Second Visit from Lycée Saint-Louis Students from Rennes, France

SMROBOT présente le robot nettoyeur de piscine intelligent — Valor

Le 28 mars 2024, SMOROBOT a officiellement dévoilé la série ValorTM de robots nettoyeurs de piscine intelligents (ci-après "Valor"), établissant ainsi une nouvelle norme de nettoyage et d'entretien automatisés des piscines.

Gangcheng's Festival Economy Blossoms with Floral Delights

Het versterken van een Slimmer en Groener Huis: Midea onthult het Nieuwe Product MHELIOS op Solar Solutions Amsterdam 2024

"Architecture and Dragon Culture" themed exhibition from Jinan held in Rennes, France

Overseas Media Journalists Explore the Millennia-old Cultural Heritage of Jinan

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